Confession: We Might Be Overprepared

As new parents, the house is bursting with baby gear, our diaper bag is overflowing with excess quantities of the necessities (and perhaps a few non essentials), and our carseat… Well… There is a baby in there… He is just buried under the “keep him warm, we are cranking the AC” blanket and the “shove this under his chin, in case he pukes” blanket. Oh! And we certainly can’t forget the “we might need an extra blanket” blanket, that sometimes gets thrown on top! This poor kid. I can’t imagine what kind of blanket pile we will need in the winter. Facepalm.


2 thoughts on “Confession: We Might Be Overprepared

  1. Too funny! I’ve been there, done that! When I started watching my niece a few years ago (10 years after my own son was born), I realized I left the house without any blankets or cloth diapers – and she had reflux. She survived and so did I… Enjoy the fact that you are prepared, just don’t ‘lose it’ when you realize you forgot something – and you WILL forget something….

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