One for the books!


Out of our many epic poop fiascoes, today we had one for the books. (Seriously… a story this good is going in!) We were at a cookout. Alex was being passed around among the ladies. Next thing I know, one of the ladies is telling me I need to take my baby… Like NOW! I grab from the gagging woman. He is literally dripping poo. Her dress is covered in baby waste. It took a massive wad of paper towels, nearly our entire supply of wipes, a blanket, a diaper, and one sacrificed baby outfit to clean up Alex. Thankfully, the woman had a change of clothes in the car. Once everyone was clean, we were all able to laugh about it. Thank you… complete stranger… for being so understanding.


One thought on “One for the books!

  1. ROFLMAO!!! Nice! I’m sure she was just being polite when she said she had a change of clothes in her car. Luvs leak, despite their guarantee. Huggies Supreme were the only ones that held it all in for my kids.

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